Instructions on how to apply for co-op on OSCARplus can be found here!
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Steps to Hire a Science Co-op Student

We aim to make the hiring process as convenient as possible for our employers. Below are the basic steps in the process. If you have questions, please don’t hestitate to contact us.

Step 1: Connect with us

Email your job description to, or complete the fillable form. Job descriptions need to include:

  • Your company name
  • Contact person, title and contact information
  • Job title
  • Duration of work term
  • Description of the project, duties and desired skills or qualifications
  • Number of positions available
  • Any special requirements for submitting an application (ie, students must also apply through your online portal)
  • Any eligibility requirements (ie, Canadian citizenship)

Check out our Recruiting timelines and student availability

Step 2: Post the Job

We post the position on our co-op job board, OSCARplus, targeting only relevant programs. Postings are only visible to registered co-op students.

Step 3: Receive Applicant Bundle

We collect student applications and send you one bundle of documents AND/OR we can direct students to apply through your online system, if preferred. Application bundles include a student’s resume, cover letter and transcript.

Positions are typically posted for 3 to 5 days. We can provide you with a bundle of applicants as quickly as 2 business days, if needed.

Step 4: Interview Potential Candidates

We can help to schedule interviews and provide interview space on campus. Interviews can also be set up via video conferencing, phone or at your office. Email with:

  • The names of the chosen candidate(s)
  • Your preferred interview date(s) and start time(s)
  • Your desired interview location – on campus (preferred), your offices (include address and any special instructions), phone or video conference
  • The interviewer’s name
  • The length of each interview (generally 30 to 60 mins), plus the desired buffer time between each interview
  • Any break requests

We then coordinate with the students and send you the interview schedule, eliminating much of the work at your end.

Should you prefer to contact the candidates directly to set up interviews, you are welcome to do so. In this case, please send us a list of the chosen candidates so we can better track our students’ availability.

Step 5: Present the Offer

Once you have completed your selection process, we will connect with the student and present the offer of employment for you. Simply email with:

  • Job Title
  • A list of your desired candidates, in order of preference
  • Position start date
  • Position end date
  • Rate of pay
  • Location of employment
  • Required hours of work

We do not follow rank-match, so offers can be made at any time to suit your timelines. Offers are presented as they come in, so employers are encouraged to move quickly with their hiring decisions where possible.

Students typically have 2 business days to accept or decline an offer. Should your first preference decline the offer, the co-op coordinator will contact the next student on your list, where applicable. Our office will stay in touch with you throughout this process to ensure your needs are best met. Student verbal acceptances are binding.

Step 6: Complete the Paperwork

Offer Letter: Employers are expected to provide a written offer letter to the student as soon as possible after the match has been made. Offer letters include (but are not limited to) start and end dates, expected hours of work per week, rate of pay, benefits and vacation pay (as per the Employment Standards Act) and any other requirements. If you require a template of an official offer letter, please contact

Immunization Records/Police Screening: Employers must inform students whether there are any immunization records, police screening (when working with vulnerable populations), or other checks that need to be completed before the start of the work term. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide students with enough advance notice of these requirements to avoid work term delays.

Confirmation of Enrolment (if necessary): The SCCE can provide a letter to the employer confirming a student’s enrolment in the co-op program and their current status (ie, year level, return to full-time studies). Email if you require this letter.