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Science Peer Help Initiative (SciPHI)

SciPHI is made up of student leaders empowering their peers to take charge of their career readiness journey. SciPHI Leaders receive professional development and mentorship from SCCE staff to provide creative and engaging career peer support. 

Now accepting applications: Apply here!

Why become a SciPHI Leader? 

  • Boost your resume/CV for grad school or jobs, 
  • Develop professional skills for life after mac, 
  • Access mentorship from Science career advisors,
  • Collaborate and network with peers, and
  • Build workplace confidence in a supportive setting. 

If you have any questions about SciPHI, you can contact Bri Denicola, Career Education Coordinator, denicols@mcmaster.ca  

Expandable List

Help your peers build their career self-marking toolkit (resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles) through 1:1 appointments. May have the opportunity to represent SCCE at various events and booths. 

Peer Career Advisors will 

  • Build strong oral communication and empathy skills with training on how to apply Basic Listening Sequences (BLS) and active listening techniques, such as summarizing, clarifying, summarizing, encouraging and asking questions. 
  • Become equipped with best practices in building career self-marketing tools to empower yourself and your peers’ on their unique career journeys. 
  • Gain 100+ hours of peer support practice to support post-graduate applications (e.g., clinical psychology and counselling) or experience for client-facing roles (e.g., helplines, service centres, mentorship, patient care and in-takes, etc.)  

Engage and inform peers on all things careers and SCCE by scripting, directing and producing reels and videos for social media. May have the opportunity to support development of other marketing materials (e.g., flyers, blogs) and represent SCCE at various events and booths. 

Career Content Creators will  

  • Collaborate with other creators and build a community network of science peers. 
  • Build confidence with digital communication through peer feedback, collaboration and experimentation with various engagement techniques and approaches. 
  • Create culturally aware and inclusive content by sharing information that recognizes the diversity of science students’ needs and perspectives and applying best practices in digital accessibility and communication. 


Capture professional portraits for peers and general photography or videography at SCCE events.

Peer Photographers will 

  • Build their professional portfolio and confidence with capturing portraits and action photography with the encouragement of their peers and staff.
  • Practice file management and organizational skills to create and contribute to media storage and sharing solutions.
  • Facilitate welcoming and affirming experiences with peers receiving portraits or being filmed by applying active listening and addressing access needs.